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A local expert in website design and digital marketing in Bristol & Bath.

My Type of People Marketing is a feel-good website design and digital marketing company. Located in Longwell Green, BS30, we are almost equally between Bristol and Bath. And it’s run by Mary.

We particularly love working with local companies that want a real person to work with them. And we really enjoy helping those who don’t have the time, knowledge and inclination to do it themselves. We can take care of everything.

In addition, I work with wannabe blog writers to get started, launch and improve their websites.

Inspiration to grow your business online

After listening to your individual requirements, we help you to connect with potential and existing customers through improving website design, SEO, blog writing, advertising, and social media, all using the clever art of persuasion.

  • Website Design & Updates
  • Content and Blog Writing
  • WordPress Coaching
  • Pay per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Advice
  • Search engine SEO optimisation
  • Video Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing

We look deeply at the human factor behind your customers/readers and investigate who they are, with plentiful ideas to boost and convert your website traffic to a higher level.

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Meet Mary – A brief introduction.

Mary at My Type of People Digital Marketing in Bristol and Bath

“I’m a first-generation digital marketer who built my first website in 1994. I love watching people, psychology, writing, singing and trying new gadgets.

I am fascinated with getting people to find your website, stay on it and interact with you. Then you can turn those interested people into your customers and subscribers. I adore my job and keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry.”

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Website Design Services

I adore fabulous website design that converts enquiries to customers.

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Website Design & Updates

Get a stunning website that persuades customers to get in touch with you. A great design is search engine friendly, easy to use and well-optimised.

copywriter and blog writing

Brilliant Content and Blog Writing

We write high-quality blogs and copy that are designed to engage customers. They rank well in search engines, so people can find your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO website optimisation is essential so people can find you on relevant internet searches. We research keywords and build them into your website.

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Digital Marketing & Content Creation

Once your initial optimised website is in place – tell people about what you do.

Email Marketing

Create time-saving automated customer engagements and utilise your email lists. Gain customer trust with newsletters and keep them coming back.

Video creation

We can help you create fabulous promotional videos, shorts and reviews. Using your recordings, we can edit your media to match your brand.

Social media

Help to plan your social media to get your message out there. Pick the right platforms for your business and discover how to post effectively.

Pay per Click Adverts

Use paid keyword adverts on Google and Social Media to target new potential customers and readers looking for you.

WordPress Coaching in Bristol & Bath

WordPress Coaching

For one on one website owners and in groups, learn to use WordPress for business and blogging.

Discover the basics of how to set up and edit your website to make basic changes without getting overwhelmed.

In fact – you can book me for a day and we can sit side by side, and I’ll build a basic website with you. Perfect for a startup or small trader.

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Content Writing and Blog Support

marketing things to do post it notes

Blog & Content Writing Coaching

We explore how to write content effectively so it can be found (and enjoyed!) on social media and search engines.

You will find out how to research topics/keywords. We will look at the different elements and styles needed for different sorts of blogs. Plus, how to get experts involved and obtain much-needed links and traffic to your blog.

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Want to find out more? Let’s talk about digital marketing & website design.

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