Case Study: Plumbing Website Design for a Local Plumber, Heating & Gas Safe Engineer

He got new customers within days of launching the website.

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By Mary Williams

Customer: Plumbing, Heating and Gas Safe Engineer
Business Type: B2C, Self Employed Tradesperson working in Bristol & Bath
Services I Provided: Plumber Website Design, SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization

Key Accomplishments

  • Made a brand new website from scratch for an established plumber with decades of experience who knows little about being online.
  • All customer enquiries from the website are sent to his mobile and/or email.
  • Implemented a content system that we will build upon to help him be found in searches to help with SEO. Within a few days, we were already ranking for relevant keywords in the local area.

Meet the Business:

I have a full disclosure to make here that my husband actually owns this plumbing and heating business. He has been a plumber and tradesman since the late 1980s, and his company “ACW Maintenance Services” was formed about the time we had our eldest daughter.

Our Approach:

His customers have been gained mainly through word of mouth, personal recommendations and reviews – so he doesn’t do any advertising other than Google My Business and a Facebook Page, he barely posts on. Everyone knows him as “Andy the Plumber”.

In days gone by, he also advertised in the Yellow Pages Directory Book to build his business initially (which is now a distant memory!).

However, over the years, he has never felt the need to have a website and has never been inclined to go online as he is always busy.

So it was decided that I would help change this with a view to bringing his business more up-to-date, modernising his approach and ensuring he gets seen by more people in the local area.

Times are changing, and people are changing the way they deal with businesses, and we need to make things more user-friendly for potential customers.

A New Website Design:

A website for a tradesperson needs to be simple, easy to use and to the point. People don’t expect anything too fancy or complicated. They want honesty and trustworthiness from a plumber, and they want to know who they are dealing with.

Customers want to be reassured that the plumber or tradesperson is fully qualified, reliable, friendly and simple to contact with a transparent pricing structure. It needs to be structured to show all the services they provide.

To showcase his expertise, we designed a site with a colour scheme that is based around the industry and existing colours with dark blues, greys, and clean white with striking Orange Call to Action Buttons (CTA). His About page speaks of his qualifications and experience.

Easy-to-navigate user experience is essential.

I designed an easy-to-navigate user UX experience tailored to clients for each trade he covers, like bathrooms, plumbing, water softeners, heating/boilers, gas, etc. Over time, I will build into more topic clusters.

I have been doing some work on backlinks, local SEO building, and adding lots more pages than I have already planned. I will be undertaking blog writing work and optimised posting for him as we work towards getting 100% SEO leads based on experience and authority rather than paid advertising.

Plumbing Website Design Highlights & Pages:

  • Home page
  • Individual service pages
  • About page
  • Contact forms
  • Testimonials/reviews
  • Email list signup
  • Blog pages
  • Custom 404 page
  • Data protection & privacy policy, cookie page, and disclaimer notices

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The Web Design Outcome:

The website is already getting enquiries and clients within the first weeks of its creation of the plumbing website design.

It is showing on Google Search for relevant local SEO search terms like “Plumber near me”, and in a few months, the organic SEO will take it further up the ranks.

Leads from organic Search Results are our aim

I plan on setting up a system to integrate his website into a booking system for clients once he feels ready to take a CRM approach. This will save him time and work.

I look forward to supporting my husbands business growth with this project, as it means a lot to me. And if you need a fabulous plumber in Bristol or Bath- then you’ll know who to call!

The website of ACW Maintenance Services is

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