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The public judges a book by its cover. Your website and online marketing are no different. If it’s not a good fit for them at first glance, then they will scroll on by as they have no more information than what they see.

Mary Williams

The next FIVE steps to your digital marketing success 

how we work - 5 stages

Each customer I work with is different. For instance, a new website design customer will have a custom approach compared to a client looking into online marketing, blog and persuasive content writing services, email newsletter or other marketing needs. 

And someone might want me to do everything for them, whereas someone else might want to do some of the work themselves once it is set up. I can coach and train you in these skills.

Want to ask questions?

We’re here to talk about your marketing and website!

Initial FREE Consultation

This is where we meet either online or in-person to discuss your goals, objectives and overall vision for the project. I need to know your expected investment for your marketing, so I can let you know if they are realistic and work within your budget.

Then we will give you a rough estimate of costs and suggest what marketing elements you need to prioritise.  When you decide to hire me, work is paid for in advance with a deposit at the time of booking.

Research and planning

I will conduct in-depth research to understand your business, target audience, competitors, and other factors influencing the project. The more we know about you and your customers, the better. A project plan will be created with a strategy, timeline and tactics.

You need to supply me with the information we need promptly and timely so we can make changes that will boost your business.

Design and development

 Then we start creating the agreed-upon updates for your digital marketing and website design. Some clients want to approve everything, and others just let us get on with it doing what we do best, so the approach is up to you. 

Marketing launch

Then as we complete the agreed elements of the digital marketing and website design project, we will launch as and when it is ready. 

Ongoing support and development of your website and digital marketing needs.

Many customers then subscribe to ongoing digital marketing, blog posting, support and maintenance. These include optimising SEO, updates, and creating and posting newly optimised pages, blogs, social media and campaigns.

Want to ask questions?

We’re here to talk about your marketing and website!

What matters most – what we consider

Why your website is important

It all begins with your website as the no.1 priority. People always search for that when they wish to interact with you. Whether you are looking for a new efficient well-designed website or want help improving the conversion of your existing website by updating the one you already have – I can help. 

Having a website to catch people’s attention immediately, answers their questions quickly and allows them to leave their email addresses will win you new and repeat customers. Plus, it gives kudos to helping you rank naturally in organic searches. If they find your website in a search or through social media, another aim is that you will want to ensure that they click on yours above your competitors. Then they need them to stay.

It needs to be clear with calls to action on every page with meaningful, interesting content that will make people stop and take notice. Using the proven power of persuasion. After carefully researching your market, we aim that more visitors to your website will become your customers by engaging them.

Getting discovered in internet searches is challenging without “know-how”.

google search digital marketing company bristol

You can have the most amazing website visually, but it needs to be found primarily through Internet searches like Google, Bing, organic SEO, Paid adverts and social media.

We do in-depth research to find the most efficient keywords and implement them into the way your website is written with fabulous written pages and blogs. We set the SEO website coding behind the scenes, which can be overlooked- yet it is essential to a successful website, online business and blog.

Want to ask questions?

We’re here to talk about your marketing and website!

Use stunning interactive content, social media support, videos and blogs.

We apply the art of honest, useful persuasion to everything you and we do online. You are the expert behind what you offer your potential clients and followers. 

Your customers need to be able to trust you and your company. Build this by answering their questions before they arise and addressing the potential pitfalls they may encounter with actions. You are on their side.

Through social media, email lists, advertising and newsletters – each positive interaction is one step closer to your goal of making a sale.

I would TOTALLY love you to work with me as an expert digital marketing company in Bristol and Bath. 

Mary at My Type of People Digital Marketing in Bristol and Bath

Do you want me to do your digital marketing in Bristol, Bath or anywhere in the UK?

Then call me, Mary, on 0117 990 2995 or email I work with local clients in Bristol and Bath for website design, general marketing, and digital marketing. And I have customers based across the UK who work via online calls. Contact me via the website.

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Schedule a no-obligation video call if you are in the UK or an in-person visit if you are local to Bristol & Bath, and let's chat to see if we are a good fit for each other.

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