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WordPress Website in a Day Coaching

Exclusive One-on-One WordPress Website Coaching and Training.
Perfect for those who want to know how their website works and want to update it themselves.

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Design a WordPress “Website in a Day” with One-on-One Coaching

Design a WordPress “Website in a Day” is my one-on-one, on-site coaching day crafted to help you build a basic website from scratch in just six hours! The ultimate bespoke web design training course to create your own non-complicated website when you don’t know how to start.

I designed this WordPress website-building day, especially for those seeking hands-on experience and expert guidance who want to give it a go themselves or have a limited budget. I come across many startups, small business owners, blog writers and tradespeople who want to be able to work on their own websites organically without spending a fortune on a web design and marketing agency.

Together, we’ll cover the basics so you can self-manage your service-based, small business and blog website.

In just 6 hours, you’ll gain:

  • A fully functional basic website
  • The essential skills to maintain and update it yourself

Join me in mastering WordPress essentials with my unique course, offering hands-on experience and expert guidance. I’ll provide an easy-to-follow session that empowers you to build and manage your website confidently.

We’ll work together in person at your place of work or a suitable location.

I’ll visit your place of work or another suitable location within a one-hour journey radius of my office in Longwell Green, Bristol, ensuring a convenient and comfortable learning environment. For locations beyond this range, additional mileage and expenses will be covered.

Here’s what we’ll do together:

1. Pre-Coaching Consultation

This session effectively works if you are 100% prepared in advance.

Realistically we will only have time to get a basic website structure in place. So it is not suitable for complex sites or online shopping websites.

Therefore, it is important to outline your aims and branding style and decide upon the required website content we need to create in advance realistically.

  • You’ll complete an online questionnaire so I can understand your goals, website requirements, and design preferences.
  • We’ll have a pre-visit video or phone call to discuss your vision, clarify questions, and prepare for a productive workshop day.
  • Please ensure you have your website photographs, content and information for your web pages prepared in advance, as we’ll be working quickly within a very limited time frame. The more you are prepared, the better the result and the more we can do.

2. Set up Secure Hosting

We’ll set up your secure hosting in advance, with the URL (Website name) and DNS records pointing to the correct webpage hosting space. Please allow 24-36 hours minimum to activate this.

I wholeheartedly recommend you self-host your own webspace and maintain ownership. Personally, I suggest SiteGround Hosting for its exceptional technical support, speed and clever security features – because that is what I use myself. If I have any technical issues with the website provider service, I can always get it sorted within minutes. Plus, their standard hosting includes additional features that other online hosting providers charge extra for. It’s good value for a reassuring, proven and trusted host provider.

3. Custom Coaching

I’ll create a tailored approach based on your goals, covering site setup, WordPress fundamentals, theme selection, customization, and essential plugins.

4. One-on-One On-Site Coaching Workshop

  • We’ll spend an intense six-hour day together working on your website for one-on-one, on-site training at your location (within a 1-hour drive of my address).
  • I’ll provide in-person guidance, ensuring you understand each step in the process.
  • You’ll receive a step-by-step walk-through for creating and editing pages, posts, menus, and site widgets.
  • We’ll take multiple short breaks to maintain focus and engage in Q&A sessions.

5. Hands-on Experience

You’ll actively participate in the design and development process, creating your website from scratch.

I’ll give you real-time feedback and suggestions to ensure your website aligns with your vision.

Ready to learn to build your website?

You know where to find me! 👀

Post Workshop Support

  • After our session, we’ll arrange a follow-up for any questions or concerns that may arise that follow the session.
  • I’ll share my recommended WordPress themes, plugins, and tools for informed decision-making.
  • You’ll receive a WordPress maintenance and security checklist to ensure your website’s ongoing health and safety.

WordPress Website in a Day Pricing:

My fee of £595.00 covers the Design in a Day on-site website building package, including pre-workshop consultation, customized curriculum, live visit, hands-on experience, and post-workshop support.

Additional expenses

  • 45p per mile beyond one hour drive from my business address in Bristol.
  • Reasonable expenses, such as office space, hot desk rental and parking charges.
  • For locations farther away – if applicable, hotel and sustenance costs etc.
  • If you want a paid plug-in or follow-up service – this will cost you extra. My fee only covers the day of physical WordPress coaching, not hosting, URL, or any other service. These are your responsibility.


In adherence to my safe working policy, I kindly ask that you arrange for other people to be present during our on-site session. If I feel unsafe, I reserve my right to leave immediately without a refund.

The fee for the day is payable upfront before any work is undertaken. It is non-refundable unless I cancel prior myself.

I am enhanced DBS checked for both adults and children.

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