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How to get started with Instagram Threads

Meta has set up a new social media rival to Twitter. Find out how to get your business profile on Threads.
Instagram Threads by Meta - Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash
Written by Mary Williams – Writer, Content Creator, Website Designer and Business Owner in Bristol & Bath.

Are you wondering how to set up a new account on Instagram Threads? As a marketer eager to reach potential clients, followers, and customers, I know it’s vital to keep up with the latest trends in social media. Instagram Threads might be one of them. And therefore, I’ve done it myself today and here is my story to help you.

What’s Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads, launched by Meta on July 6th, 2023, amassed over 10 million sign-ups in just half a day. It’s similar to Twitter, allowing users to have unrestricted conversations, and it’s linked to their Instagram accounts. It appears to be an unrestricted rival to competitor Twitter.

How Do I Access Threads?

Setting up Threads is a breeze and takes less than a couple of minutes, especially if you already have an Instagram account.

Initially, I found it wasn’t accessible on my desktop via http://threads.net, so I scanned the QR code on the screen. It’s an app-based social media platform. I downloaded it from my App Store without any issues. However, as a business user, I’d prefer a desktop version to separate my personal and professional life. Hopefully, this will be available soon.

Once I had the app on my phone, I logged in using my existing Instagram profile. The app then pulled information from my Instagram bio, which I could tweak as desired.

Adding Multiple Threads Accounts

If you have multiple social media accounts and wish to add more than one Threads account, you’ll need to log out first. You can do this by clicking the small profile icon at the bottom right of the app, then the two lines at the top right-hand corner, and finally scrolling down to “Log Out”. You can then add another account like you added the first.

Switching Between Multiple Threads Accounts

Unfortunately, as of now, the app doesn’t support account switching within the app. So, you’ll have to log out and back in each time you need to change accounts.

Adding Share Buttons and Links to Your Website and Social Media

As of writing this quick blog, there have yet to be any updates on this, but it’s likely coming soon in the next few hours or, at worst – days.

Surprisingly, even Facebook, being part of Meta, currently has yet to offer an immediate option to integrate with Threads. So, keep an eye out for updates!

I hope this guide helps you get started on Instagram Threads. It’s so new and exciting.

Check out my new account at https://www.threads.net/@mytypeofpeoplemarket and say hello!

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