How long will it take your new website to rank in search engines?

By Mary Williams – January 16, 2023

Can’t understand why your website isn’t showing on Google Search? I’ll help explain.

You’ve done extensive market research, bought your domain name, and designed and built the perfect website. Excitedly you have published your brand-new website. Now it is time to get your new website ranking in search engines and people finding your webpage.

You are incredibly proud and tell ALL your friends. They look at it, tell you how lovely it is, and wish you well. You get many friendly people looking at it over the next few days.

A week passes, and then Ummm… nothing happens. It has ground to a halt. No website visitors, no enquiries. How disappointing.

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No one is visiting your website. What’s happening?

You look at your Google Analytics, and besides a few bots – perhaps only a handful of people have seen it in the organic searches. And you don’t have enough data to see what search terms they have used.

So, you do a Google search to see what the issue is, and your website is nowhere to be found. In fact, it feels like you have visibility of 0% and you are not showing in the top 100 results. 

What is happening, and what can you do to fix it? Your website may have been active for a few days, several weeks or months. Yet it is strange that Google doesn’t seem to have ranked it. Why?

My websites never rank organically at first, either.

This happens to me every time I launch a new website, which is frustrating. It seems to take them six to twelve months to gain traction within the search engines.

In fact, this website started from scratch in December 2022 when I finally decided to set up my own marketing agency. I suspect it will take until about Summer 2023 to really see the results, and not after many hours of adding content and tweaking. 

It is harder in this field because website design and digital marketing are busy and difficult niches for getting website traffic from organic searches. But I trust it’ll happen because I know what to do.

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Why must I wait for my website to rank in search engines? 

I’ve been here when working for other people – organic SEO is a slow burn on new websites and requires much patience at first.

Then suddenly, organic acquisition search traffic traction will pick up, and you wonder why it didn’t happen sooner.

Organic search traffic offers lasting results that will benefit you.

And despite waiting for a few months after the launch of your website, this will offer better long-term, lasting results for your online advertising and growth strategy.

Is there an instant way to get Google to get ranking my website organically in searches for free?

Sadly, there isn’t a button, service or quick hack that can get you there quickly to rank organically on Google search engines and get the much-needed traffic to your website. 

Submitting the site’s pages and linking them to your Google accounts may help, but this doesn’t do much to speed up the process, from what I can tell.

Getting a new website established for organic web searches takes about six months to a year.

What about paid advertising on Google and social media to get people to my new website?

Yes – it’s a quick solution to finding your website and will help you in your early days. Although it can be costly and the cost per click (CPC) can be variable, you must research what you are doing before you begin. And when you stop paying for the adverts, so will the enquiries, which come at a price.

Therefore, I always aim for the long-term goal of setting up websites so they begin to get organic traffic once fully established. In those first few months, you will be looking to use content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and grow your organic online presence.

You may be lucky, and a page – perhaps a blog post will give you the boost you need. 

How a blog post might boost your Website organic traffic.

I had been working on a website.

It had been set up by a “professional” a few months before I was given the project. Yet, by late January that year, the acquisition organic search traffic was minimal- almost zero. Definitely not ranking among the top 100 results for search terms they desired. There hadn’t been any SEO work done on the pages. Literally, it had been made to look sweet and cool, but so many SEO elements were missing, and it lacked content.

They didn’t have a big budget or time, so I had to go for the most impact with the least effort.

There were only three pages within the initial existing website, and the content, although well-written and visually pleasing, wasn’t going to get its ranking up in the search engines. They were looking for something to be done fast, or they were considering closing down the website.

Initially, I added some obvious pages that had been missed – a contact form and an “About” page, for instance. 

I wrote three blog articles for the client.

The next port of call was to create interesting blog articles to get those search terms discovered and ranked by using meaningful material that serves the potential clients of the website. So, I wrote and published three articles that month for their company as a ghostwriter.

I enjoyed researching, using the company’s informal tone in my writing style and creating useful and relevant articles. Then I posted the optimised blog pages on their WordPress site and stepped back.

The interesting blog articles started to improve visitor numbers to the website.

Within two months, the Google Analytics figures had steadily climbed, and by March, we were in the top 50 of our favoured keyword searches. Not bad from absolutely nothing, but these insignificant results were not driving their enquiries like paid (PPC) advertising.

By June, I had added two more blog posts and a couple of info pages, the traffic was looking a little better, and we were starting to get results. They were happy to see some search results in the 10th-19th positions. Finally, they were getting a few enquiries from potential customers.

The final blog post that changed everything

The final blog article I wrote for that site was the one that took the organic search to page one above their main competitor.

Suddenly, it was linked and ranked in less than 30 days. And from that moment on, that website was ranked on page one and was the most found page on the website.

I can almost guarantee that the website will continue to gain more and more website traffic over future months and years. It is hard to get a new website ranking in search engines.

They may do very little in the way of future work on it. Yet, I hope they add to their blogs every month or two. Who knows where it might take them and grow their business?

Was it the blog article that helped gain organic SEO traffic? Or was it the duration that the website had been around? 

I suspect it was a bit of both. Yet six months seems to be when things improve dramatically for new websites regarding organic search traffic. It’s almost like something clicks into place.

In conclusion – how do I get my new website ranking on organic internet searches?

In conclusion, expecting a new website to go to the top of internet searches is unrealistic. Especially in the first few months – unless you get a lot of free publicity or are in a niche market. However, boost your chances with great-quality content. Like blog posts and user-friendly pages as content marketing and using paid advertising and social media shares. It will keep you going until the organic search new website ranking in search engines traffic kicks in at about six to twelve months.

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